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Youth Rugby Coaching Fund

We are excited to announce that Louisiana Rugby has started a new Youth Rugby Coaches Fund.  100% of donations to this special fund will be paid out to Louisiana Rugby youth rugby coaches.  One time donations are great and accepted, but we are focusing on setting up recurring monthly donations to help create a sustainable source for coaching stipends across the state. 


Coaching is one of the biggest factors limiting the growth of youth rugby.  With that in mind, consider making a one-time or monthly sustaining contribution to our special coaching fund.  100% of your donations will be paid back out to our youth coaches.  

To kick off this new campaign Louisiana Rugby will be giving away this Rugby Common tank-top signed by PERRY BAKER to anyone who creates a monthly donation through our paypal donation link on this page between now and 12/31/18. 


Perry Baker signed this jersey while coaching at the 2018 Rugby Town 7s.  Thank you to MJ Wathen, owner of Rugby Common for telling Perry about Louisiana Rugby and asking him to sign this for us!  


Side Note: Congrats to Perry Baker who was just named 2018 7s Player of the Year for the 2nd time in a row.  


We will do a live drawing and announcement the first week of January to pick a winner!

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