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Loyola of Maryland Offering Rugby Scholarships

Here’s an excerpt from a press release from the Society of Loyola Old Boys about new collegiate rugby scholarships. This is just one example of rugby opportnities on the rise in the US:

Baltimore, Maryland, July 31, 2015:

The Society of Loyola Old Boys, an alumni organization, proudly announces the formation of a Rugby Scholarship Program for Loyola University Maryland. The purpose of the Scholarship Program is to reward high school seniors for their achievement in rugby, the community, and academics. Our initial goal is to present as many as five $2500 scholarships to incoming freshman in the fall of 2016. The Society encourages any high school senior planning to attend Loyola University Maryland to complete the application by March 1, 2016. Eligibility will primarily require applicants to be members of their high school or club rugby team and once enrolled to be an active player for the Loyola University Maryland Rugby Football Club.

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