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Rugby Night at the Pelicans Feb. 19th

In trying to prepare for the inevitable post-mardi gras slump, a rugby group rate has been coordinated for the Pelicans game against the 76ers on Friday, February 19th! Tickets will only be 9$ and rugby will receive an honorable mention at the game. It has been awhile since we have had one of these so it would be nice to make it a well attended event. We also have some international coaches/teammates in town so a good opportunity to show them a good time. I have 20 seats reserved but that can be increased based on interest. I'd like to invite your respective teams as well as any teams that you may coach, friends, family, etc... The more the merrier!

FACEBOOK EVENT: Numbers and payment for the tickets is due by the end of the month so please get in touch with me by the end of next week, January 22nd, if you are interested in attending.

Cheers to an exciting rugby filled 2016! Jess 828-545-4439

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