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2016 League Championship April 30th Pan American Stadium, City Park

The 2016 Louisiana Rugby Championship will be April 30th at Pan American Stadium in City Park, New Orleans, LA. A draft schedule is below with games starting at 10:00 AM. The High School Championship will begin at 7:30 PM. Other highlights during the day are some Rookie Rugby matches for ages 7-12. Kids with no rugby experience can get involved in those matches, so bring athletic clothes! The Men's team (NORFC) will take on HARC from Houston at 3PM in a Red River Conference matchup that will showcase rugby at the men's level.

High School Rugby Championships

10:00am Plate Semi-final ( 22 minute halves)

11:00am Plate Semi-final ( 22 minute halves)

12:00pm Youth Rugby ( 7 minute halves)

12:30pm Cup Consolation ( 35 minute halves)

2:00pm Youth Rugby ( 7 minute halves)

3:00pm NORFC V HARC ( 40 minute halves)

5:00pm Plate Consolation ( 22 minute halves)

6:00pm Plate Championship ( 22 minute halves)

7:30pm Cup Final ( 35 minute halves)

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