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Louisiana Exiles Change of Plans

Dear Exiles:

First off, we thank you all for being both attentive and patient. Here’s a better update on this weekend.

I. Saturday – Battleship Park (Mobile)

This will be a day trip. No sleep over. The plan is to leave from Lakeside Mall (meet in front of Restoration Hardware) at 8:30. We’ll travel to Battleship Memorial Park (2703 Battleship Parkway Mobile) where we will have practice from roughly 11:00-1:00 and then a scrimmage against the Battleship team. The scrimmage will be varsity v. Battleship. Then, the varsity will scrimmage the JV. We should be wrapped up by 3:00’ish and be back in New Orleans around 6:00. Again, Northshore players just meet us at the Starbucks next to Cracker Barrel in Slidell. We should be there around 9:00.

Please of course bear in mind that we are organizing this on the fly so our times are still fluid. But I think the foregoing is a safe bet.

II. Sunday – Gretna (Old Illtydians)

We are attempting to secure a match for Sunday (in Gretna) as well. There is a team from Wales (the Old Illtydians) who are in town. Assuming we can get that organized, we’d like to play at 12:00. So the schedule would be all players in Gretna by 10:00, practice from 10 – 12, then a match v. the Welsh (varsity v. Welsh) followed by JV v Varsity. And the best news is that Sunday gives is a good chance for some sunny skies, which is what we’re looking for. We’ll make final announcements re: Sunday tomorrow at Mobile.

III. Pain in the butt

We realize that traveling to Mobile on Saturday and then back to Gretna on Sunday is a pain in the butt. But it’s necessary. We were going to get at least two quality matches for the Varsity and JV up in Tennessee. We’ve got to replace those if at all possible. The Charlotte trip is in two weeks and so we will have few other chances to get this in. The all-star teams from the other states are no doubt getting their warm-up matches in.

Thanks very much for your time and commitment.

IV. Team Gear

The official match shorts and socks are in as well as our touring shirts. We’ll distribute those all tomorrow.

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