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Annual Meeting Notice

The Louisiana Rugby Annual General Meeting will be Sunday August 20th at 2pm upstairs at Joey K's restaurant 3001 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115.

I will be sending out an Agenda in the coming days. Feel free to forward this along. I apologize if you get this more than once.

Nominations are due by July 6th.

  • Nominations are now open for the 5 Executive Officers (President, Vice, Secretary, Treasurer, and Officer #5)

  • Nominations are open for the 5 At-Large directors/board members of the "big board" (At Large directors of the "big board" then get a vote like each team does and at-large board members/directors can be elected to officer positions)

  • email nominations to me I will post nominations

Structure and recoreded nominations can be seen live at:

The various committees will decide their committee chairs at the meeting


  1. Finance Committee (chaired automatically by treasurer, supposed to have a rep from HS & youth committees)

  2. High School Committee (chair and vice chair elected Aug 20th)

  3. Youth Committee (chair and vice chair elected Aug 20th)

  4. High Performance Committee (chair and vice chair elected Aug 20th, only 1 has to be a member of the "big board")

  5. Marketing (this would be new if there is interest)

Feel free to email or call me with questions. It can be a bit confusing.


David Buckingham

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