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Laureus Foundation Day of Sport

Friday November 2nd the Laureus Foundation in New Orleans held an event for school children called Day of Sport. Louisiana Rugby and NOLA Gold sent a representative out to give children an opportunity to learn about rugby and participate in some drills. Taylor Howden and Nicole Brown from the New Orleans Half-moons were there running the kids through some fun exercises.

The event comprised of 8 different stations including soccer, rowing, meditation, rugby and more. Students rotated between stations and in that time, our rugby station saw around 90 kids between the ages of 10-16 with approx a 50% split of male to female participants. On the final rotation we had approx 20 kids come back to our station for a second time.

Our rugby exercise was geared toward evasion with the ball in hand, staying calm under pressure and paying attention/being ready! Children were split into two even groups and numbered off from 1 to finish in each group. Group 1 stood opposite group 2 with a 15x15 meter grid in between them and Nicole or Taylor would call out a number and two kids with that number would run around their respective markers and meet in the middle for 1vs1. The kids had an amazing morning - all the feedback I got was very positive!

Thank you to Laureus for hosting #SportForGood and inviting Louisiana Rugby to be a part of it.

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