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New Orleans City Park Trash Cleanup

City park could use a hand right now. As you may have heard "City Park generates 90% of its operating income through self-generated revenues, which are all currently closed." They are doing their best to keep up park maintenance, but as you can imagine, things are tough in that sort of cash crunch.

Louisiana Rugby will be holding some volunteer trash pickups to help keep the park clean. We have played a lot of rugby in the park, so this is a good chance to show our appreciation.

The first trash pick up hour will be Saturday June 27th at 9am.

We will meet at the Harrison & Marconi Field. Louisiana Rugby will bring trash bags and some supplies, plus some Donuts! Feel free to bring things like a shovel or gloves.

We will probably focus on loose trash pickup around the 2 rugby fields and expand from there.

Another thing you could do to help right now is minimize the trash you bring and leave in the park. Obviously we don't want to littler, but you can take another helpful step and not even use the trash cans in the park for a bit when you have the option to bring your trash back home with you and throw it away there.

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