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USA Rugby Coach & Referee Course Signup

Hi all,

Here's your chance to be part of the give back to the sport. There are a few upcoming training sessions for coaches and referees. See the links below. Minimum registrations must be met at least one week prior for the courses to go on, so jump now and get locked in.

Level 1 Coaching

30 April - Panama City, Florida -

13 May - Baton Rouge, Louisiana -

Level 1 Refereeing

29 April - Panama City, Florida -

Please spread this information to all involved with your local clubs. If your club is interested in hosting a course let us know.


Matt McClure

Assignment Chair


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Ryan Baham
Ryan Baham
Apr 18, 2023

Do we know about how much it's going to cost?

Replying to

$85 for the referee, $125 for the coaching

If you're up for committing some volunteer time back to Louisiana Rugby in the form of coaching or refereeing we'd be interested in reimbursing people for these costs

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