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Louisiana Rugby Membership & Executives


Louisiana Rugby is a membership based nonprofit. The separate clubs act as the voting members, each being allowed to elect a representative to the Board. From that body the Executive Committee is selected. However, non-board members are welcome to participate in all other committees. 

Executive Committee


Gary Giepert


Vice President

Chris Riedel



Jack Levin



April Fogel

High School

Chair of High School

Gary Giepert


Vice Chairs

Matt Austin & Matt Echezabal

High Performance
Member Clubs

High School:

  • Brother Martin

  • Bayou Hurricanes (Club)

  • Captain Shreve

  • Jesuit of New Orleans

  • Mississippi Royals U19 (Club)

  • New Orleans Barbarians (Club)

  • Niceville (Florida)

  • SHARC Shreveport Rugby (Club)

  • St. Paul's (Covington)

  • West Jefferson



  • Youth Rugby NOLA/Loup Garoux

  • New Orleans Coquelets

  • Bricolage Academy

  • Encore Academy

  • Homer A. Plessy Community School

  • Phillis Wheatley Community School


Directors At-Large 

David Buckingham

Sam Farnet

High School All-Stars

The Louisiana Exiles 

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